Testimonial from a mother who went without any child custody to joint child custody.


The second I met Billie Wheeler I knew she was the person for the job. She’s not only my attorney, I consider her a friend.  She is always professional and personal.  I had not seen my kids in over 8 years.  With her help,  I now have joint custody and see my children every week.  I could not have done it without her.  I would highly recommend her to anyone needing legal services. 



Testimonial from a father who went from weekend visitation to 50/50 shared custody.


Billie Wheeler helped me through a difficult family law case. She is the most honest, caring, & knowledgeable attorney I have ever known.  I am a middle-aged man and was able to go from being, an every other weekend dad, to a father who got 50\50 custody in the state of Louisiana. That says it all to her legal mind and devotion to her clients. Also, it didn’t cost me a fortune. 



Testimonial from a grandmother who obtained sole custody of granddaughter.


I’m not very good with words. Basically Billie Wheeler is the most fair,  honest,  lawyer I’ve ever met. She has always been honest and true with great compassion for what families are going through. She saved my granddaughter’s life.   I recommend you to anyone wanting a truthful and honest lawyer that has great integrity and compassion. I don’t really know how to put into words how much she has meant to my family between my son’s divorce and custody battle. 



Testimonial from a personal injury client.


Traffic stopped on the Causeway but the driver behind me didn’t. He hit me going 70 mph. The insurance company told me their insured driver had minimum insurance coverage and tried to settle for $ 15,000. My medical bills were more than that and I was in constant pain.  Attorney Billie Wheeler knew all of the tricks the insurance company tried to play and stopped them at every turn. She is very knowledgable in multiple areas of law and she is RELENTLESS.  After a year of surgeries and physical therapy, she forced them to settle for $ 205,000. Hopefully, I won’t need her services for another accident, but she is so versatile, I know I will need her services in the future, and I will not hesitate to call her. I couldn’t be more pleased.  

M. V.


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